Center for Security Solutions

Keep your group on the cutting edge of security knowledge. Bring Security Keynote Speaker Kelly S. Klatt, CPP to your next event.

Security isn’t always the most light hearted subject, but with the right speaker you can find fun in even the most serious of topics. Kelly S. Klatt, CPP, Center for Security Solutions CEO, puts his lifetime of law enforcement, security consulting, and expert witness experience to further use as a keynote speaker and workshop leader for security-related topics, ranging from basic security awareness to professional level security elucidation. If there’s an audience and the topic is security, Kelly S. Klatt, CPP will prepare and deliver a highly informative, thought-provoking, and charismatic presentation.

Keynotes: Mr. Klatt’s keynotes are informative, interactive, and humorous. His insights on time-relevant security topics challenge audience’s to think differently about their own security measures. Keynotes run 60 – 90 minutes.

Workshops: Mr. Klatt’s security workshops offer a more in-depth study experience than the keynotes; they extend the material into exercises, hands-on interaction, and analysis of actual case studies. Workshops run 90 minutes to three hours.

Mr. Klatt’s keynote speeches and workshops can be built for general audiences at security or legal counsel conventions and conferences or tailored to a specific company. His speeches and workshops provide audiences with a complete understanding of the challenges, technology, people, procedures, responses, and prevention involved for the highest level of security in a way that keeps audiences engaged, leading to higher retention and better results.