Herbert A. Tillman
Independent Security Consultant

C4SS is prepared to provide your new or existing Security organization with tried and tested, as well as court qualified, security training, reorganization and updates.  Maintaining the proficiency and effectiveness of your security operation is essential in today’s litigious and security conscious environment.

As leader of the C4SS training and restructuring programs for existing and new Security operations, Herb Tillman an Independent Security Consultant, brings a superb level of quality and experience to the task.
Herbert A. Tillman has been active in law enforcement and the private security industry as a practitioner and trainer for over forty-five years.

He retired from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office as Commander of the Community Affairs/Crime Prevention Division to become Director of Security for Barnett Banks of Central Florida.  He was responsible for sixty-five branch banking facilities.  Tillman was responsible for all criminal investigations, training and security staff assessments and reviews while serving with Barnett Bank.  His training programs reduced losses from frauds and robberies significantly while insuring employee and customer safety. He worked as an independent consultant/trainer for several years after running for the elected office of Sheriff of Orange County, Florida. As the Director of Security for the Hotel Royal Plaza in Lake Buena Vista, Florida he reorganized the security operations and designed several safety and security related training programs for the hotel staff.  For several years Tillman was the Chief of Security for Isleworth, a walled-gated golf community in Orange County, Florida.  Isleworth is a community of multi-million dollar homes with many high profile sports and business residents which is known for the high quality of safety and security it affords it’s residents.

Most recently he was the Director of the Homeland Security Training Center at Orange County Schools – Mid Florida Tech.  Tillman expanded the training opportunities for security officers, law enforcement and emergency service personnel to include advanced and specialized courses in Disaster Preparedness, Risk Assessment and Target Analysis, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Detection and Response to Suicide Bombings and others.

Tillman attended the National Crime Prevention Institute, University of Louisville, Valencia Community College and Rollins College for instruction in criminal justice administration.

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