Emmett D. Browning Jr.

Emmett D. Browning Jr.
Independent Security Consultant

Emmett D. Browning, Jr. an Independent Security Consultant and Glen Gause an Independent Security Consultant represent over 50 years of combined Law Enforcement investigative expertise.  As highly competent Homicide Detectives they have investigated over 300  murder cases and countless other investigations.  They have earned the reputation among their peers as the preeminent Homicide Team in Central Florida.

Detectives Browning and Gause’s legendary dogged determination to solve cases has made them experts in Cold Case Management.  Their “patented” concept of methodical Cold Case organization and review has a proven success rate. Their irrefutable investigative skills has made them equally effective in handling Internal Affairs cases, completing thorough, fair, factual and concise investigations.

These award winning Detectives are now available to consult directly with Law Enforcement agencies on Cold Case Investigations.  Additionally, they are available to consult with both  law enforcement agencies and private industry on internal issues.

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