Joseph M. Robinson, CPP, CHS-III
Independent Security Consultant

Joseph M. Robinson, an Independent Security Consultant, recently served as the Special Assistant to the Honorable Buddy Dyer, Mayor of the City of Orlando.  He returned to municipal government after retiring from the City of Orlando Police Department (OPD) in February of 2006 to take a position as Chief of Staff at AQMI Strategies Corporation, a privately held consulting and strategy firm based in Orlando, Florida.  He resigned from this position in March of 2007.

Prior to his retirement from OPD, after a twenty-five year career, he rose to the civil service rank of captain.  From March of 1996 to January of 2006, he was assigned to the Office of the Mayor of the City of Orlando and served as Deputy Chief of Staff to the Honorable Buddy Dyer, Mayor.  Additionally, in two Mayoral administrations he was responsible for tactical management of the executive protection detail for the chief executive officer of the City of Orlando.

Robinson served as a member of the Mayor’s Cabinet, primarily focusing on public safety and homeland security policy issues.  He also handled special projects, the external calendar for the Mayor and participated in day-to-day strategic communication.  He has a wealth of experience and knowledge about the City of Orlando and policy making.

As a member of OPD, he served as a member of the SWAT Team, Public Information Officer, Special Patrol Section Commander, Gang Intervention Unit Commander and Recruiting & Training Section Commander.

Robinson, a notable public speaker, has lectured throughout the United States and the rest of the world on topics such as: officer survival, SWAT tactics, leadership and political issues.  In addition, he trains federal, state and local law enforcement officers, military personnel, security and government officials, including those in several foreign countries.

In May of 2006, while consulting on a presidential campaign in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, he and two of his U.S. colleagues, along with twenty-nine South African and Nigerian nationals, were detained and falsely accused as mercenaries by elements of the incumbent administration.  They were released after ten days of captivity through a combination of private and public diplomacy.

Robinson holds a bachelor’s degree in Administration of Justice from Thomas Edison State College and is certified in homeland security by the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute.

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