Center for Security Solutions

When you absolutely positively need a security expert, turn to the consultants you can trust.

Center for Security Solutions (C4SS) consultants are among the most respected security consultants in the industry. We’ve built our reputation by distancing ourselves from the products we recommend, and focusing on objectivity. Rigid security consultant requirements ensure that our clients may select from the most elite group of professional, ethical and competent security consultants available today.

As with all consultants, its our job to provide a fresh perspective to whatever challenge you are facing. Maintaining product and solution objectivity is paramout to  our security consultants and we require independence of any affiliation security products or services they may recommend. With complete independence, you can be assured that our recommendations are always in your best interest, and the interests of your employees and customers.

Center for Security Solutions offers the following categories of Security Consultants in addition to other specialized solutions:

  • Forensic Security Consultants: Litigation support consultants who direct their talent and energy in litigation-oriented assignments, specializing in analyzing the evidence discovered in lawsuits with the intention of determining liability or not and serving, if appropriate, as expert witnesses in state and federal courts.
  • Management Security Consultants: Our C4SS expert MSC consultants primary focus is in security organizational design, budgeting, policy development and procedural development.
  • Technical Security Consultants: Our expertise centers on the technical and engineering aspects of specifications, designing systems, specifying equipment and hardware, all to augment, enhance, or otherwise facilitate the security of a given building or facility.
  • Specialized Security Consulting: If you have a special situation, and are not sure what type of consulting job it requires, give us a call. Our network of security professionals can handle almost any security challenge.

Managing the security needs of your organization is no easy task and our security consultants can meet the corporate security needs of any organization. We balance this by taking what we call the “peace of mind” approach to managing corporate security. Our security consultants understand that the most important part of managing corporate security is balancing the fear that can be created by the security methods themselves.